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ProMed Clinic offers end-to-end diagnostic and medical services with the help of resident professionals and experienced assistive staff. Our passionate team of medical practitioners take care of the health of the entire family, including men, women, and children. We curate the best and feasible healthcare solutions for all your needs. With ProMed Clinic, you will have trustworthy and reliable treatment solutions based on the patient-first philosophy.

Family Medication
ProMed Clinic thrives on the wellbeing of your family. We have a diverse team of medical professionals on-premises, working together to build comprehensive treatment solutions for the entire family. While building preventive healthcare programs, our doctors consider family history, especially in cases of cancer, cardiac health, and routine medical care.

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Women’s Health

With a special focus on family planning, our team of doctors can help you with sexual health, bone density, and cervix screenings. Our female health check-up policies are formulated to ensure that you feel comfortable and can arrange for only female doctors and assistive staff to look after the healthcare needs.

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Men’s Health

We have a dedicated team of doctors and nursing staff who have experience and knowledge in diagnosing and treating men-specific health issues. From a simple routine diabetes check-up to mental health and other complex internal body anomalies, you can trust us to provide preventive solutions for all. You can also visit us to discuss sexual health issues affecting men of all ages.

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Paediatric Health Care

We understand that as a parent, your kid’s health is your primary concern. While we resonate with your love towards the children, our doctors hold a distinction in proffering routine and emergency paediatric healthcare. Starting from childhood immunisations to a child’s sustainable development, we know what’s best for your child, and the same reflects in our approach.

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Adolescent Health Care

Besides covering all the diseases and conditions that are most commonly found in teenagers and adolescents, our medical services also provide counseling to prevent and mitigate sexually transmitted diseases. Rest assured that all our records are confidential, and if needed, our services also extend to psychological counseling for adolescents.

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Antenatal Care

While keeping abreast of the latest Millennium Development Goals, we have an exclusive services portfolio for the new born baby and the mother post-birth. While we cover the medical aspects of antenatal care, as a mother, you can also trust us to provide you support, reassurance, and additional information that is pertinent to pregnant women.

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Immunisations and Vaccinations

A strong immune system is one of the many ways to lead a healthy life, and here at ProMed Clinic, we take part in several immunisation drives for the community. You can also visit us to administer the required vaccines and immunisations, including the vaccine for COVID-19.

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Chronic Disease Management & Care

Since chronic diseases affect every patient differently, our doctors make an effort to understand the manifestation of the disease in every patient separately. This allows them to curate an exclusive and high-target treatment plan with the requisite time span for every patient enabling them to lead a healthy and stress-free life.

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Mental Health

A special team of mental health experts are available to help you determine the visible signs and symptoms of mental health issues. ProMed Clinic plays a proactive role here and helps you take control of your mental health. In case there are issues, we can help you get rid of anxiety, alcoholism, substance abuse and come out of depression along with tackling other bipolar disorders.

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Skin Cancer & Surgical Procedures

ProMed Skin Cancer Clinic works as a separate entity from the parent establishment. It houses the best team of practioners in town, working with years of experience and expertise, delivering the most complex surgeries with confidence . Our skin cancer specialists understand your concerns while helping you with different types of cancer, including  Melanoma, and Non Melanoma skin cancers, like SCC and BCC.

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Cosmetic Injectables
Our beauty enhancement experts can successfully administer cosmetic injectables with dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin type A injections. These injectables have a profound impact on reducing facial wrinkles and lines. We have a team of doctors who specialise in delivering and post-injection care to help you get the best results.

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Sports Medicine

Our prerogative is to help you prevent any sort of sports injuries, but we also have a team of physicians and doctors who can help you with a wide array of sports injuries and suggest post-treatment care. Along with assisting you in improving physical fitness, we can also call in experts from different fields of practice like Orthopaedics, podiatry, and physiotherapy to provide the required treatment.


Travel Medicine

ProMed Clinic can write letters of recommendations for your hassle-free travel. You can consult our travel-enthusiastic doctors to know the region-specific information on diseases and health conditions. Also, we can prescribe the required medications and administer vaccinations before travelling. Once you are back, visit us to get a thorough examination, ensuring that you have not carried any health condition from abroad.

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Work cover and Pre-employment Medical

The ProMed Clinic provides Work Cover services that are in line with the regional and federal government regulations. You can ask for a Work Cover certificate that lists out the type of work suitable for you. For Pre-Employment medicals, our team of general physicians and physiotherapists take note of the type of workplace while examining the person to facilitate the right medical certificate.

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Insurance and Motor Vehicle Accidents

ProMed Clinic regularly contributes towards sharing safe work practices. However, in case of a workplace accident, apart from providing the right treatment, we can facilitate the insurance cover via the right channels so that the money is reimbursed in your account. The same goes for motor vehicle accident claims, where you can trust our doctors to provide effective treatment and medical certificates that will help you receive fair compensation.

Telehealth Consultation

The Coronavirus is still out there and the confidence to come out of the house is still low. We understand your concern, and that is why you can consult the ProMed doctors via telehealth portals. You can connect with us on the phone where we not only listen to your health concerns but also provide the necessary prescription and referrals. Rest assured that every part of communication is confidential and private between the doctor and the patient.


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